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Welcome to the Columbia River Elementary Library!

We are here to nurture the love for reading and foster a thirst for knowledge in every student. Our library team is dedicated to providing a rich and engaging learning environment for all. Meet our library staff:

Our Mission

The Columbia River Elementary Library Media Center is on a mission to empower students to become lifelong learners who are information literate. We aim to achieve this mission through the following objectives:

  1. Access to Diverse Resources: We provide both intellectual and physical access to a wide variety of resources that cater to each student's unique mode of learning.

  2. Curriculum Enrichment: Our library enriches the curriculum by creating authentic learning experiences that encourage students to utilize ideas and information effectively.

  3. Stimulating Reading: We offer instruction that ignites students' interest in reading and learning, both for pleasure and information.

Explore Destiny, Your Online Library Source 

To access our library resources, visit the Follett Destiny Online Library Catalogue. 

Be sure to select "Columbia River Elementary" and log in with your computer username and password.

Library Hours

Our library is open from 8:50 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., providing students with ample time to explore the world of books and knowledge.


Marianna Polyukh
Library Teacher
Phone: 509-546-7440, Ext. 1647

Nancy Martin
Library Assistant

Phone: 509-546-7440, Ext. 1646